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MEPI Student Leaders Program
Grant Application Information


Applications must be typed in English and include the following sections:
Proposal Narrative: The narrative may not exceed five (5) pages.
Budget and Budget Justification: This may not exceed two (2) pages (one page each and must include local currencies converted into U.S. dollars. See sample budget and sample budget justification.
Timetable: The timetable may not exceed one (1) page. See sample timetable.
Appendices (optional): You may attach no more than five (5) pages of appendices to support your application. These may include items such as letters of support or recommendation, news clippings, or any relevant data.
Electronic Signature

To start an application, click the Logon link at the top right of this page. Then click Create a New Applicant Account and submit the new applicant form. Once your account has been created, you will see a "Grant Application Form" link on the left menu.


One of the best ways to learn to write proposal is to have a draft critically reviewed. We are providing you this opportunity. If you submit a draft for review, it should be as complete as possible. Your draft will be reviewed and returned to you with comments. If you choose to send in a draft for review, it should be submitted by May 15th .

Final proposals must be submitted by September 15th .

Please make sure to include the application and the attachments. Applicants will typically be notified of decision within eight (8) weeks of the application deadline.


In order to be eligible for a MEPI Student Leaders Program Alumni Follow-On Grant, you must:
  • Have attended a MEPI Student Leaders Program as a student participant (at any of the host Universities).
  • Be living in a MEPI country or region.
  • Design your project to be implemented in a MEPI country or region.
  • Complete the application in its entirety.


MEPI Student Leaders Program Alumni Follow-On Grant Applications are reviewed and decisions are issued collectively by a panel from MEPI. Applications are judged on the effectiveness of the proposed program in furthering the objectives of the MEPI Student Leaders Program, with emphasis on their relevance to program goals, as well as creativity, feasibility, execution strategy, attention to detail, thoroughness, cost-effectiveness, potential for return on investment, and on the impact on and value to the applicant’s community.


You will be required to provide final report and financial statement on the funded activity, which must be submitted within 30 days of the project completion. These reports must chronicle progress in achieving the project objectives and obstacles incurred and the impact of your project on the intended community. You will also provide a break-down of expenditures actually incurred.

The final reports should be submitted electronically. MEPI would also like a short summary with any available digital pictures to post on its website,, when appropriate.


All products and services developed or produced as a result of an approved grant must clearly acknowledge support received from the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative. Similarly, all related written materials, statements, press, media releases, or events must acknowledge support received from the U.S. Government. If you feel the MEPI logo may have a negative effect on your project, you may request a waiver.

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