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MEPI Student Leaders Program
Sample Timetable

Sample Timetable

(This represents an example of a series of leadership training workshops as a grant project.)

Date Session Title (3 Hours per Session) Aims/Objectives How will this be achieved?
15 Oct Communication Skills Enhance the communication skills of the participants. Introduce the concept of Situational Leadership—a crucial characteristic of a successful leader. Also, this will be an icebreaking session so that the group will get to know each other. Serina and I will facilitate this session. Video will be shown and interactive games will be played to introduce teamwork skills, situational leadership and ice-breaking.
22 Oct Economic and Trade Development in Jordan Introduction of basic economic terms; e.g.: GDP, Macroeconomics…etc. Also, introduction of the status of Trade and Economy of Jordan. A speaker will be hosted from the Euro-Jordanian action for the Development of Enterprise (EJADA). EJADA is a joint European Union-Jordan initiative.
29 Oct Discovering Entrepreneurship Introduce the steps on how to establish your own business; from legal issues and registration to advertising your company. A speaker will be hosted from the Jordan-United States Business Partnership. JUSBP is an economic development funded by USAID which provides financial assistance to Jordanian SMEs.
12 Nov Business Incubators: A Site Visit Introduce the participants to "cheap" ways to get an office and start doing a business! A site visit to the ICT business incubators at the Higher Council for Science and Technology and a meeting with a young female entrepreneur, Eng. Hala Katkhoda.
19 Nov Futuristic Studies Teach the participants to plan for their future and think about future—a crucial characteristic of a successful leader. Serina and I will carry out this session by presenting a Power Point Presentation on "Why Futuristic Studies is Important?" and then doing a group work activity on analyzing the future of a certain problem or issue in Jordan.
26 Nov Project Management Introduce proper techniques on how to develop a project, so that the participants can apply the skills in a business project or even in planning how to study! A speaker will be hosted from United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
3 Dec Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship Examine how women achieve Economic Development in areas outside the capital Amman. A site visit will be planned to Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society. It will also include a visit to their Weaving Workshop, Paper-Making Workshop and the Ceramic Production Center.

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